Workplace Conflict Resolution

The ability to productively address conflict is fundamental to being an effective leader. Do your leaders shy away from conflict? Do they know how to draw out differences to get better results rather than letting differences stand in the way of achieving an optimal result? Can they productively disagree and appreciate alternative viewpoints? Do they have the ability to resolve and move past conflict?

We can help you. We can help your leaders:

  • Manage their teams through conflict
  • Understand their own, and their team’s conflict styles…and even leverage them to achieve better results
  • Build their cultural competency to prevent unnecessary conflict

We offer:

  • Coaching for leaders on how to recognize and manage through conflict
  • Team training to create awareness of different conflict styles and action plan on how to work better together through conflict
  • Awareness and skill building on Cultural Competency  for addressing conflict
  • Pre-charge mediation and conflict resolution