Power Questions for Connecting with Your Mentoring Partner

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Creating a Mentoring Culture through customized solutions.

We listen. We provide holistic, customized and practical guidance that will help your organization achieve mentoring excellence in a way that resonates with your organizational culture so that it creates sustainable and durable results.


With a variety of options for any organization or situation, our workshops provide the tools and building materials to take your mentoring to the next level.

Train the Trainers

Give your teams the tools to succeed in building, sustaining and growing mentorship efforts with our 3 or 3 1/2 day training courses. 

Mentoring Excellence Mastermind™ Series

Promote mentoring achievement and accountability with the newest offering from the Center for Mentoring Excellence.

Vista Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative partnership that is driven by YOU — the client. Coaching helps you dig deep so you can know where you want to go and shape the path that leads you to the best version of yourself.


We are often called upon to speak to groups about mentoring.  Our presentations are known for being dynamic, interactive, engaging, informative and practical.   We have vast experience in a variety of settings, speaking to groups large and at levels of an organization from the C-Suite to entry level employees.   For recent presentations, see our YouTube channel.