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Pilot Design and Analysis

Many organizations look to design a pilot program before launching at scale. A well-designed and expertly-run pilot is predictive of long-term success. Our pilot program consultation is customized and comprehensive.

Consultation for Mentoring Culture Integration

CME specializes in sculpting a mentoring ethos tailored to your organization’s unique culture. Leveraging our foundational pillars of a mentoring culture, we guide you through aligning your mentoring efforts with organizational goals, constructing a compelling business case, and designing sustainable mentoring initiatives for enhanced business performance.

Mentoring Needs Discovery

CME identifies your organization’s specific mentoring requirements though a needs assessment. Our approach includes collecting relevant data, conducting interviews with pivotal staff, and surveying stakeholders and employees. You receive a detailed report featuring key insights and actionable recommendations.

Pilot Program Evaluation and Design Optimization

Launching a pilot is the beginning of your mentoring journey. CME assists in dissecting pilot outcomes to refine your program’s design. Post-pilot, we offer a targeted half-day workshop or four-hour consultation to review the findings and integrate the insights into your program’s strategy. This service includes a pre-session analysis of metrics and survey results, ensuring a focused and productive optimization process.

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