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Starting Strong: Facilitator Certification Program

If mentoring is a priority in your organization, you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Mentoring requires an investment of time and effort. Launching a mentoring program without simultaneously creating a mentoring culture reduces its long-term impact and sustainability.

Preparing the talent in your organization with the tools needed for success ensures everyone is on the same page. Are your HR and learning and development specialists ready?

One of the best ways to ensure sustainability is to build internal capability on your team. We are now offering facilitator certification for our most popular one-day program, Starting Strong: What You Need to Know and Do. This program is perfect for organizations looking to build, sustain and grow the effectiveness of their mentoring efforts. This training program has been presented to organizations throughout the world and provides all the tools and strategies mentors and mentees will need to be successful in the first 90 days of their relationships and beyond. And now you can certify your own facilitators through this unique training offering.

This Facilitator Certification Program is a cost-effective solution that enables those responsible for mentoring programs or training to create lasting success for your organizational mentoring efforts.  When members of your team become certified trainers of Starting Strong: What You Need to Know and Do, they will better understand mentoring and be prepared to help participants start and stay strong.    

The Facilitator Certification Program contains the following components:

  1. Day One: Participant Training. Day One of the certification requires trainers to experience the workshop as “mentee participants” in the full 8-hour mentee training course. (You may wish to invite additional individuals in your organization to participate on this day of training at no additional cost.)  
  2. Day Two: Facilitator Training. On Day Two, we review the materials with prospective facilitators, walk through the logistics and dive deeply into the curriculum content.
  3. Day Three: Role Play, Simulations, Feedback. During Day Three participants engage in role play and facilitation simulations, and receive facilitation feedback from participants and the instructors.
  4. Optional Half Day: Additional Modules. These modules can include: Leading Mentoring Roundtables, Stumbling Blocks, Mentoring Coaching or Coming to Closure.
  5. Materials: All participants receive a Facilitator Notebook, flash drive with templates for activities, PowerPoints and participant guides.
  6. Post-Training Support: Following the Facilitator Certification Workshop, certified facilitators:
  • Receive a one-on-one coaching session prior to delivery of their first workshop so certified facilitators can answer questions and receive just-in-time support.
  • Participate in a debriefing/coaching session following their first workshop delivery.
  • Attend an online facilitated group trainer session to share experiences and best practices, learn new skills and advance techniques, and deepen their knowledge of mentoring.


  • Experienced trainers
  • Anyone charged with delivering and supporting mentoring training
  • Mentoring coaches who want to improve their mentoring coaching, deepen their understanding of mentoring and increase their skill competency.

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