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Mentoring Strategies for Success

Mentoring is a proven way to promote employee growth and development, accelerate learning, fast-track leadership, improve retention, elevate morale, strengthen recruitment and promote diversity. Mentors need to understand the key components of mentoring, the phases of the mentoring relationship, and how to avoid the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that tend to derail mentoring relationships. New and experienced mentors can benefit from enhancing their personal mentoring skills and applying mentoring best practices.

Our 3-day certification process will prepare trainers in your organization to facilitate Mentoring: Strategies for Success, a one-day mentor training program. They will have an opportunity to participate in the mentoring workshop they will be certified to deliver (Day One), walk-though the materials, logistics and curriculum content (Day Two), engage in role-play and teaching simulations, and receive feedback on facilitation of the material (Day Three).


  • A model and a roadmap for facilitating mentoring relationships
  • Over 20 tools provided in The Mentor’s Guide
  • Participant Guide with exercises for self-reflection and enhanced mentoring practice
  • Customized case studies and experiential exercises, including role play and focused dialogue
  • Best practices
  • Guidelines for building and strengthening relationships
  • Assessments
  • Opportunities to customize the learning
  • Facilitator’s Training Kit, including CD of materials
  • A copy of The Mentor’s Guide
  • Mentoring Excellence Pocket Toolkits
  • Site License


  • Experienced trainers or anyone charged with delivering and supporting mentoring training
  • Mentoring coaches who want to improve their mentoring coaching, deepen their understanding of mentoring and increase their skill competency.

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