We are the authors of leading books on mentoring and other resources to help you and your organization achieve mentoring excellence.

Wondering which book to choose?

For a Mentor

If you are a new to mentoring and/or want to prepare for your role, or just want to understand the whole process of mentoring, then you will want to read The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating Effective Mentoring Relationships (Lois J Zachary and Lisa Z Fain).

For a Mentee

If you are a mentee and want to find out how to select and build a solid mentoring relationship, then you will want read The Mentee’s Guide: Making Mentoring Work for You. (Lois J Zachary with Lory A Fischler).

For an Organization

If you are looking for a step-by-step practical guide to building the framework that supports and sustains mentoring in your organization, then you will want to read Creating a Mentoring Culture: The Organization’s Guide (Lois J Zachary).

Philosophy of Mentoring

If you are curious as to what goes on inside a mentoring relationship in real time and get a glimpse of mentoring conversations as they take place, then you will want to read Starting Strong: Strategies for Success in the First 90 Days (Lois J Zachary and Lory A Fischler).

Mentoring Program Implementation

If you are a mentoring program manager, a diversity and inclusion leader, a learning professional, organizational leader or a mentor who is ready to explore the topic of cultural competency in mentor in depth, then you will want read Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring (Lois J Zachary with Lory A Fischler).