Meet the Team

Jamie Crites

Jamie Crites is the Operations Lead at Center for Mentoring Excellence. She brings the team her enthusiasm for actualizing empirical research in the workplace. She is a current PhD student in the Seattle Pacific University Industrial-Organizational Psychology program. Her research has centered
around mentoring, diversity and inclusion to better understand how mentoring can better serve minority populations.

Jamie is the current coordinator for SPU’s I-O Psychology’s formal mentoring program and has served as the program evaluator for a large corporation’s formal mentoring program. From these experiences, she has gain critical skills and knowledge that encapsulates what it means to be both a mentor and mentee, as well as the necessary processes to develop and implement a successful mentoring program.

In her own research, Jamie is interested in utilizing mentoring as a method for increasing the frequency by which employees go above and beyond their job descriptions for the sake of assisting their co-workers. By combining research-based evidence and best practices that center around mentoring, it is
her hope that she can add to the wealth of information about mentoring. Her thirst for acquiring knowledge and passion for progress, provides the Center for Mentoring Excellence with an additional strategist as we work towards the development of a more inclusive and effective workplace.