Meet the Team

Lori Crever

Lori Crever is a facilitator with Center for Mentoring Excellence and the director of strategic partnerships for the award-winning diversity and inclusion firm, Intercultural Competence Edge, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Prior, Lori who worked for two decades inside Wells Fargo, a Fortune 50 financial services corporation, managing communications and employee engagement programs for its international division.

Grounded in the humanities, Lori constructed and led the most celebrated and replicated career mentor program across the enterprise. Early into the program, a human resources team surveyed mentee participants to understand how well they had advanced during and after completing their mentoring relationship. The team learned that 88 percent of program graduates experienced a notable surge in role level, sphere of responsibility, job title, and/or salary. Each participant attributed this to having the right mentor, accompanied by skillful program support.

The methods Lori developed have proven effective for mentors and mentees alike, resulting in career breakthroughs for professionals at various career levels and across cultures. She articulates these, along with several case studies, in her book, Protégé Power: A Roadmap to Mentorship.

Lori has a degree in communications and theatre arts from the University of Minnesota. She is a veteran speech coach, video host and interviewer. She has been an urban charter school board member, Introduction to Implementing Human Rights into Organizational Leadership course instructor for the U of MN Law School, and trainer of corporate social responsibility professionals in Tokyo.

A lifelong performing artist and published poet, when not speaking on workplace issues of engagement and inclusion, Lori performs improvisational comedy and is a frequent participant in poetry and storytelling events.