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I knew we had the right trainers when I saw their passion ignite a sense of possibility and purpose in each of the future mentors in the room […] As the coordinator of the COMPASS Program at the VRS Interpreting Institute, I would recommend Dr. Zachary and Ms. Fischler without hesitation. It was a true pleasure working with them and I hope we have additional opportunities to do so in the future.

Holly Nelson, M.S.
NIC Master, Utah Professional
VRS Interpreting Institute Faculty

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Dr. Zachary provided an organized, thoughtful, and engaging workshop on faculty mentoring circles. Her materials were beautifully designed and allowed participants to productively engage with each other. She is deeply knowledgeable about the many different facets of the mentoring relationship. Participants left the workshop with the tools needed to build strong mentoring relationships moving forward.

Katherine Weisensee
Clemson University

We brought Lois Zachary in to conduct a Mentoring Boot Camp. She helped us get our mentor program on track, focused in the right direction. What an eye-opener! We have incorporated many of her techniques into our mentor program. Lois’ book, “The Mentor’s Guide,” is a terrific tool to remind one of the mentoring cycle, different learning styles, and the need for formal closure.

Jan Keith, Training Expert
Atlanta Regional Office, Social Security Administration

With Lois and Lory as our guides it has been an enlightened journey to mentoring excellence. Their analysis, insight, and feedback on our current practices demonstrates a deep and thorough understanding of what mentoring is and how to align it with our goals. They have provided sound advice and training that has been extremely well received with visible results for our organization. Lois not only shows us a path, she mentors us with periodic check-in’s on our progress and is always available as a trusted sounding board and advisor.

Bonnie L Stone, CPT Central Arizona Project

When I entered the program … I knew nothing of organizational development, infrastructure or management. In those meetings with Ms. Zachary, I was introduced to new systems of thought and techniques. Ms. Zachary patiently watched as I developed my skills as a director. When the program was completed, Ms. Zachary offered to meet with me individually. She has helped me process decisions regarding “next steps” in my career. She has listened well, encouraged and given direction for making hard decisions. Her commitment to me, to my future as a women leader, has provided a foundation of support that allows me to go forward with confidence, believing that I can make a difference in the world.

Debbie Speck, Urban Strategies, Washington, D.C.

Over the years, Dr. Lois Zachary’s personal mentorship has made a significant contribution in my career as the President/CEO of Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk Foundation, a nonprofit offering mentoring programs to at-risk and homeless children and youth. She listens and offers sound advice on matters related to agency growth, communications and staffing, while paying attention to the need to balance one’s professional and personal life. Her knowledge of mentoring has been invaluable in our efforts to recruit, train, and provide a meaningful experience for volunteers. My life and the life of our agency are enriched by her willingness to share her knowledge and professional strengths.

Linda Lyman, President/CEO
Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk

When we needed an executive leadership development program, Lois and her associate, Lory Fischler, designed a program perfectly tailored for our company’s culture and targeted to our executives’ leadership challenges and growth opportunities. Our connection with Leadership Development Services has helped us to take executive mentoring and leadership development in our organization to the next level.

Anne Williams, Director of Executive Development
Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.

We reviewed our successes against the business plan which Lois helped us to develop and immediately realized that we would not have accomplished even 10% of our ‘wins’ without Lois’s guidance … Everything from a 25% increase in annual revenue to buying, designing and the construction of the office can be directly linked to the training that we received from Lois … If I had to do it all over again, the only thing I would change is that I would have started our work with Lois sooner. Our business would be that much more ahead of the game.

Steve Bell, Owner
Bell Forms and Supplies

Lois Zachary is highly regarded by the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) and school administrators across the province as a result of her ongoing support and commitment to education. As both a motivational and inspirational leader, Lois’ books have guided and informed our organization’s professional development programs. Furthermore, OPC’s province-wide MentoringCoaching project has had overwhelming success, thanks to the successful practices Lois has embedded into this movement. Her standards of excellence, proven success, results driven practices and ability to engage and capture both readers and audiences, continue to astound. Her contributions have had direct impact on 31 public school districts across Ontario as they implement their succession planning strategies. We value that her work recognizes and acknowledges the expertise and experience of veteran school leaders as they nurture the newly appointed leaders on their professional learning continuum.

Joanne Robinson, Director of Professional Learning
Education Leadership Canada

After a few months distance and a few de-briefing meetings, it has become even more evident that your Mentor Principal Institute workshop was truly beneficial to experienced and new mentors alike. The evaluations indicated a deep appreciation on the part of the participants for your mentoring expertise and for your book. Especially helpful were the ideas of doing confidentiality agreements and in opening the door for mentors to dialogue more deeply with their mentees regarding the mentees’ goals and objectives. We greatly appreciate your work and the insights and expertise you shared with us.

Mary Beth Cunat, Projects Manager
Chicago Public Schools

Lois Zachary is the force behind establishing the value of mentoring as an important Leadership competency. She has done this with her books and her workshops. But … most important she models this in her own life as a mentor for me.

Mary Anna Weber, Director of Strategy
Leadership and Learning Services, Indiana University

The professionals of Leadership Development Services have held a series of seminars for our corporation of 21 physicians. Their highly professional, targeted, innovative and productive approach has helped our corporation through a difficult restructuring process. Lory Fischler and Lois Zachary have been instrumental in helping us focus on goals for growth and program development and the means with which to accomplish these objectives. Their skills in facilitating communication and their knowledge of corporate organization has been highly effective and appreciated. I can recommend them without reservation.

Donald Schon, Medical Doctor
Phoenix, Arizona

Lory facilitated the best retreat we have ever had. The group walked out so energized, so empowered and so excited … everyone was supercharged. I also feel a special bonding went on with the group that we also never experienced.

Marsha Berkson, San Diego Federation Women’s Division