How Mentoring Can Help Women with Self-Discovery & Creating Healthy Boundaries (Leadership Strategies for Women | August 2020)

For the last several months, we’ve spent more time with ourselves, our families, and our work. We’ve struggled with the elusive work-life balance more than ever. As we approach our new normal and take steps toward “business as usual”, however, it’s important to begin thinking about what we’ve learned about ourselves throughout the crisis and how we can leverage these new learnings going forward. For women, in particular, it will be important to begin thinking about the importance of boundaries, what we need to live a more balanced life, and how we can articulate those needs moving forward. In this episode of the Leadership Strategies for Women podcast, Ellie Nieves interviews Lisa Fain, CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence, on How Mentoring Can Help Women With Self-Discovery & Creating Healthy Boundaries.