Keys to Finding, Cultivating, and Ending Mentor Relationships with Lisa Fain (When Science Speaks | September 2021)

This week’s episode features Lisa Fain, JD, CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence and founder of Vista Coaching, the coaching division of the Center. We discuss a range of issues associated with mentorship, including:

  • Lisa’s professional journey, with its theme of creating inclusive, productive workplaces
  • The common pitfalls or missed opportunities she often sees mentees experience
  • What mentees should look for in a mentor
  • Key success factors for strong, productive mentoring relationships and how mentee attitudes and behavior contribute to positive mentoring relationships
  • How scientists outside academia where mentorship may be less formalized should go about seeking mentors 
  • Similarities and differences between mentors and career coaches
  • Lisa’s thoughts on the statement: With COVID shaking up the way people work, it seems having a mentor would be even more important, as workers navigate new norms
  • How to professionally and efficiently end a mentoring relationship