Lisa Fain, CME (Doing Good Business Podcast | December 2020)

How do mentoring and DEI intersect? We’re glad you asked! Our guest today, Lisa Fain, CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, has the answer. If you or your organization provides or wants to provide mentoring, you need to listen to Lisa (and read her book)!

HUGE takeaways:

  • Mentors doesn’t have to have the answers! What they do need is good questions – the goal is to move away from the sage on stage model to being a guide on side

  • A recent study shows that mentors have improved leadership skills in self efficacy, cultural competency & more

  • If your organization is talking about a career ladder, it’s time to shift that to a career lattice

  • How to start? Have conversations in relationships to determine what is working and what can be done better – take baby steps to create psychological safety FIRST

  • 3 important inclusive behaviors for mentors & mentees: my normal may not be your normal, name the dynamic, constantly stay in relationship with one another