Lisa Fain on Inclusion and Diversity (Culture Matters | March 2020)

Lisa Fain is the CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, and an expert in the intersection of cultural competency and mentoring.

Her passion for diversity and inclusion work fuels her strong conviction that leveraging differences creates a better workplace and drives better business results.

Lisa brings her energy, enthusiasm and engagement to any group, facilitating lively workshops and training and delivering interactive speeches with practical steps that can be implemented right away.

With Center for Mentoring Excellence founder Dr. Lois Zachary, Lisa is the co-author of the recently released Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring, a book that brings to life the stories, tips and tools for communicating effectively across differences in mentoring.

“Trust is made by building relationships and really understanding the other person.”

Her tips on becoming more culturally competent are:

  1. Become the owner of your own responsability. You are 100% responsable and so is the other.
  2. Become aware of the other culture, but also of the other person as being a person.
  3. Check your assumption; ask, ask, ask.