Mentoring Excellence Mastermind™ Series

Promote mentoring achievement and accountability with the newest offering from the Center for Mentoring Excellence.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your organization want to strengthen its learning culture?
  • Could your organization use additional support to help your mentors and mentees make the most of mentoring?
  • Are you a mentor, mentee or mentoring program administrator who is making it up as you go?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then Mentoring Excellence Masterminds (MEMs) are the perfect solution for you.

MEMs are targeted learning communities designed specifically for program administrators, mentors and mentees who are looking for a single destination where they can:

  • Learn mentoring best practices from experts in the field
  • Share experiences and gain perspective from others in similar situations/roles
  • Create a community of shared interest and experience in mentoring
  • Explore ways to maximize the mentoring experience and leverage it for individual, collective and organizational success
  • Receive just-in-time coaching, feedback and learning solutions

Mentoring Excellence Masterminds Benefit Organizations

Employees who are in a mentoring relationship are 77% more likely to stay in a job. Thirty-five percent of employees who do not receive regular mentoring look for another job within 12 months. This kind of movement into and out of organizations has serious consequences, diminishing an employer’s ability to compete for talent. Turnover is expensive and time-consuming, and the loss of knowledge, talent and expertise can be detrimental to business results and workplace culture. It’s critical that employers offer opportunities for employees to deliver their best, feel more engaged in the workplace, and learn and grow. Our Mentoring Excellence Masterminds help organizations maximize their investment in mentoring, reaping the benefits of an engaged workforce and a learning culture.

Mentoring Excellence Masterminds Benefit Individuals

  • Participants will increase the effectiveness of their mentoring relationships through:
    • Confidential peer support/expert coaching
    • Feedback
    • Best practices
    • Expert advice and support
    • Structured format with built in accountability
    • Content and sharing
  • Masterminds create community of learning and growth customized to meet individual and group learning needs
  • Mentors, mentees and Program Administrators learn from accumulated experience and unique group member perspectives
  • Masterminds provide ongoing Learning opportunities that promote growth and expanded thinking

How Mentoring Excellence Masterminds (MEMs) Work

  • Group coaching and feedback calls. Small group size leverages the power of peer feedback, shared experiences and guidance from a mentoring expert
    • Enrollees participate in one 90-minute call per month on a topic related to the audience (includes content, coaching and feedback).
    • Small groups (12-15 people) with a shared interest in mentoring, meeting regularly
    • Designed to meet the specific needs of those who share common mentoring roles
  • Learning continues beyond the times of the calls.
    • Participants will have access to a private, exclusive online forum.
    • All calls will be recorded and accessible throughout the length of the MEMs series (12 months for mentors and mentees, 4 months for program administrators).
  • Participants can benefit from participants across industries, or from a customized program.
    • The Center for Mentoring Excellence conducts MEMs for participants across industry, location and organization.
    • We can also accommodate the needs of organizations that wish to create MEMs exclusively for its own employees.

We offer three MEMs programs, depending on your needs:

Meet Your Mentoring Excellence Masterminds Facilitator

MEMs are led and facilitated by Lisa Fain, Director of the Center for Mentoring Excellence and our knowledgeable team of mentoring experts. Lisa’s passion for mentoring is fueled by her strong conviction that leveraging differences and helping employees grow creates a better workplace and drives better business results. She has conducted mentoring training programs for corporate, government and educational institutions. Her training as an attorney, coach and corporate leader of Diversity and Inclusion allow her to bring a unique blend of teaching, coaching, listening and problem-solving to the Masterminds, creating community and balancing group and individual learning needs.


Q: Do I need to be present for all the calls?

A: We encourage live participation because it helps to get real-time feedback and create community. However, all calls will be recorded and accessible to participants in a secure online site throughout the year.

Q: What if I don’t yet have a mentor?

A: You can still join — and benefit from — Getting the Most from Mentoring, our Mentoring Excellence Mastermind for Mentees even if you don’t yet have a mentor. We are including our bonus webinar, 10 Best Ways to Find a Mentor, to help you find your mentor.

Q: I’m not in a formal mentoring program. Will this benefit me?

A: Yes! While many of our participants will be in a structured mentoring program, there will be others who are in mentoring relationships that they have formed on their own or through a program in which they participated in the past. The Mastermind Series is designed to benefit participants in both such situations.

Q: What else is included besides the Mastermind Calls?

A: In addition to the Mastermind Calls, you will have access to a secure, confidential online community of participants, all call recordings, and special content that will be curated for our Mastermind participants.

Q: How long can I access the recorded calls?

A: Calls will be available on a secure site for 12 months. I’ve been mentoring for years.

Q: How will I benefit from this program?

A: This program provides just-in-time support that can benefit new and seasoned mentors by offering tools and tips to build your mentoring competency, enhance the effectiveness of your current mentoring partnership and provide the tools to help other mentors in your organization.

Q: What if I need more support in between calls?

A: Participants can get insight from each other and from our coaches in between calls on our secure site. In addition to the just-in-time coaching on the mastermind calls, one-on-one coaching for mastermind participants is available for an additional charge.

Q: Will Masterminds be confidential?

A: Yes. All participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and access to our site is limited to mastermind participants.

Fee Schedule

Individuals: $199/month (12 month minimum)

Organizations: Contact us for group discounts OR We can design customized MEMs for your internal employees only. Contact us for more information.

Program Administrators $465/month for the 4-month MEMs series