Mentoring now, in this economy? A business case for mentoring:
Mentoring offers an opportunity to build new relationships, strengthen existing ones and make connections across your organization. When mentoring partners collaborate and truly interact, they deepen and renew their commitment to the organization. Retention increases, morale improves and productivity rises. People feel a sense of shared enterprise, heightened trust and awareness of each other. Emboldened, employees feel more secure and will strive to improve their own skills and organizational goals.

Can Mentoring Help My Organization?

Answer yes or no to these questions…

  • Our emerging leaders are fully engaged and committed to our organization’s success?
  • Our veteran leaders feel connected to all levels of our organization?
  • Senior leaders regularly share knowledge with others in our organization?
  • Leaders feel a sense of satisfaction from helping others grow and develop?
  • People welcome and seek feedback from each other?
  • We have a proven plan for developing and managing our talent?
  • We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by supporting developmental relationships?
  • We effectively onboard our new hires and managers?
  • We offer individualized and diverse learning opportunities for high potentials?
  • Our employees trust and respect each other?

If you answered yes to these items, congratulations! You have created a supportive and vibrant workplace culture. If you answered no, an effective mentoring program may help you close the gap. We can help.

Why do great organizations promote mentoring?

  • To recruit, retain and manage organizational talent
  • To facilitate knowledge management and utilization
  • To build leadership competency
  • To align organization mission, values and practices
  • To support leadership succession
  • To facilitate career and leadership development
  • To promote diversity and support inclusion efforts
  • To integrate key organizational processes
  • To enhance and strengthen relationships across and through the organization
  • To help newer employees navigate the organization
  • To build a robust learning culture

Mentoring Outcomes

  • Leadership competency
  • Bench strength
  • Enhanced organizational stability
  • A more vibrant and engaged workplace
  • Improved productivity and performance
  • Increased trust
  • Shortened ramp up time for new initiatives
  • Less stress
  • A culture that values and promotes feedback
  • Increased connection among employees
  • Organizational loyalty