Mentoring As Part of Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (What’s the Difference? | March 2020)

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Lisa shares how she found her passion for diversity and inclusion work when she brought her mother Lois to her workplace to help set up a women’s mentoring program
  • Why mentoring programs can help build meaningful business relationships across differences and help empower people to thrive in their careers
  • Why Lisa feels that diversity and inclusion training by itself doesn’t work, and why it needs other programs to support it
  • Why successful diversity and inclusion initiatives create a fundamental cultural change throughout all levels of an organization
  • Why a mentorship needs to be a two-way relationship between the mentor and the mentee, and why the mentorship needs ground rules and clear communication
  • Why it is important to measure the success and progress of a mentorship through mutually established and agreed-upon goals
  • Why leadership skills don’t necessarily imply mentoring skills, and why developing your mentoring ability is an important ongoing process
  • Why listening is a cornerstone skill that an effective mentor needs to have, and why leaders may struggle to listen effectively
  • Lisa shares an experience she had with a well-meaning senior partner while working at a law firm after returning from maternity leave
  • Lisa shares an important takeaway from her book, Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring