Mentoring Excellence with Dr. Lois Zachary (WeMentor Podcast | October 2021)

Dr. Lois Zachary is an internationally recognized expert on mentoring and has been cited as “one of the top 100 minds in leadership” today. You’ve likely seen mention of Dr. Zachary’s books, or read her quotes, in The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Inc. magazine, T&D, Leadership Excellence, The Chronicle of Higher Education, or other business and leadership news outlets.

Dr. Lois Zachary and her daughter Lisa Fain are a powerful entrepreneurial mentoring team. Dr. W. Brad Johnson, a Professor of Psychology at the U.S. Naval Academy and Faculty Associate at Johns Hopkins University, says that Dr. Zachary and Lisa are “luminaries in the mentoring field.”

“Mentors and mentees may come from different backgrounds and have a limited understanding of each other’s cultures and outlooks, but mentorship remains one of the most powerful tools for inclusion, professional development, and talent retention,” writes Dr. Lois Zachary and Lisa Fain.