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Starting Strong: What You Need to Know & Do

An online course for global organizations looking to foster successful mentee and mentor partnerships. Starting Strong: What You Need to Know & Do provides theknowledge, tools and strategies mentors and mentees need to be successful when it is impractical to bring mentoring pairs together for live training.

The Benefits

Mentoring programs offer a huge return on your organization’s investment: higher rates of retention, productivity, recruitment, job satisfaction, career development and leadership competency.

The Challenge

Training is essential to making the most of mentoring, but global & multinational organizations can’t often bring their mentors and mentees together in one location.

The Solution

An online course in ten short interactive modules designed to provide best practices and just-in-time guidance to Mentors & Mentees throughout their mentoring relationship.


Who should participate in this online course?


  • Mentors and mentees who are beginning their mentoring relationship
  • Mentors and mentees already in a mentoring program who want to stregthen their relationship

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