The Right Way to Find a Mentor (Libby’s Leadership Lab | January 2021)

Libby is joined by Lisa Fain to discuss all things mentorship. Lisa began her career as an attorney before entering the world of diversity, inclusion and mentoring. She has conducted mentoring training programs for corporate, government and educational institutions. Lisa coaches mentors, mentees, and program administrators on how to achieve mentoring excellence and create the right environment for achievement of career and personal goals. She is highly regarded for her special combination of expertise, humor and no-nonsense approach.

Lisa discusses the following with Libby:

Four phases of effective mentoring
Three functions of a mentoring relationship
Questions to ask yourself when looking for a mentor
Setting expectations and checking assumptions when you find a mentor
Formal versus informal mentorship
Structuring the mentor/mentee relationship
The benefits of mentoring for the mentor
Common misconceptions about mentorship

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