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Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring

Lean Forward, Learn, Leverage. This comprehensive guide to helping mentors and mentees bridge gaps between and among cultures—a growing issue in today’s diverse workplace—is coauthored by the founder and CEO of the Center for Mentoring Excellence.

As the workplace has become more diverse, mentoring has become more challenging. Mentors and mentees may come from very different backgrounds and have limited understanding of each other’s cultures and outlooks. But mentoring remains the most powerful tool for creating meaningful relationships, furthering professional development, and increasing engagement and retention. Younger workers and emerging leaders, in particular, are demanding it.

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Meet the Authors

Lisa Z. Fain, CEO

Lisa Fain is the CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, and founder of Vista Coaching, the coaching division of the Center. Her passion for diversity and inclusion work is fueled by her strong conviction that leveraging differences creates a better workplace and drives better business results.

Dr. Lois J. Zachary, Founder

Lois Zachary is an internationally recognized expert on mentoring and has been cited as, “one of the top 100 minds in leadership” today. You’ve likely seen mention of Dr. Zachary’s books, or read her quotes, in The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Inc. magazine, T&D, Leadership Excellence, The Chronicle of Higher Education, or other business and leadership news outlets.

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