Mentoring at Work

Mentoring at Work

Mentoring success depends on the degree to which mentoring partners roll up their sleeves and do the work. Yes, we said, “work.” Throughout your mentoring relationship, you and your mentoring partner need to be fully engaged in building and strengthening your relationship and focused on achieving your mentoring goals.

Mentoring Works Best When Mentees….

  • Assume responsibility for their learning, growth, and development
  • Set goals
  • Hold themselves accountable for agreements
  • Monitor their progress regularly
  • Maintain receptivity to new, creative, and alternative strategies and ideas
  • Are honest, open and willing to be vulnerable
  • Communicate regularly
  • Are prepared for and open to feedback


Mentoring Works Best When Mentors….

  • Commit the time
  • Build their relationship up front
  • Ask questions rather than to try and solve a mentee’s problems
  • Push and challenge their mentee
  • Share experiences and challenges
  • Offer options rather than answers
  • Provide honest, ongoing, and candid feedback with care and compassion
  • Maintain regular contact