1. Get in touch with your own values first.

  • Articulate them clearly and specifically.
  • Commit them to paper.
  • Keep them in a handy place where you can easily access them.

      2. Share your values with others.

  • Talk about your beliefs and values
  • Make others aware of the values which inform your decisions.

      3. Be knowledgeable about the core values of your workplace.

  • Post them for yourself and others to see.
  • Use them to inform your decisions and actions.

 4. Schedule and implement a value alignment audit for yourself and/or your work team.

  • Identify five things you are doing right now on a consistent basis to add value and seek input from others.
  • Evaluate what you are doing right that is inconsistent with your company’s core values and decide which inconsistency you want to work on over the next six months.

 5. Consciously plan to add value.

  • Brainstorm five new ways you can add value over the next six months.

 6.Be specific.

  • Develop a strategy for each of the five new ways, including a timetable and way to measure progress.

 7. Schedule your next value alignment audit.

  • Put a date on the calendar as son as you complete your first value alignment audit.

 8. Continuously seek feedback from others.

  • Ask others how they see you adding value.
  • Continuously check for congruence between value and action.