Feedback is essential to employee success. With it, employees can improve their weaknesses and become successful.  Without it, employees often do not grow and develop in their roles because they do not know what to improve. 

Employees are frustrated when they don’t receive timely feedback. Mary, for example, was upset about her annual review. She felt that her boss raised negative points “out of the blue.” Had her boss discussed weaknesses prior to review time, Mary would have addressed those points immediately.

Mary’s point may be valid, but it is just part of the larger issue. How open was she to receiving feedback? How was she contributing to the lack of timely feedback? What signals did she send?  Was she only hearing praise?

Employers want to provide honest feedback. You can help them. Ask for feedback regularly.  Don’t wait for annual reviews.  Set up time to meet with your boss on a quarterly basis to check in on your performance.  The person who sincerely asks, “What do you think I need to work on to get to the next level?” is inviting an honest assessment. 

 Six Tips for Getting the Feedback You Need

 1. Ask for feedback.

2. Be patient and listen to both positive and negative input. 

3. Ask questions for clarification. 

4. Don’t get defensive. 

5. Express appreciation. 

6.  Use the feedback to make positive change.

See Chapter 5, The Mentees Guide: Making Mentoring Work for You