WeMentor Podcast Mini-Series Pt. 3: A Rare Look Inside a Mother and Daughter’s Transition of Ownership

The Center for Mentoring Excellence has always been run by women passionate about mentoring. But did you know that CME is a family business? The third part of the WeMentor podcast mini-series features Dr. Lois Zachary and Lisa Fain. They discuss what worked for them in passing the baton from mother to daughter, and how mentoring played a role in their successful transfer. 


WeMentor Podcast Mini-Series Pt. 1: Mentoring Excellence with Dr. Lois Zachary

To honor National Mentoring Day (10/27) and International Mentoring Day (10/29), the podcast WeMentor, hosted a three-part mini-series featuring the Center for Mentoring Excellence.

Check out part one of the series, where the founder of Center of Mentoring Excellence, Dr. Lois Zachary, discusses how she became an author, Ph.D. graduate, and entrepreneurial leader.

Finding the Right Mentor

Finding the Right Mentor

I’m a bit of an introvert, and by a bit, I mean when I’m at a party, you’ll find me in a corner hanging out with the dogs. So when I think about a mentoring relationship, the hardest part is starting the relationship. Who do I ask? How do I ask? In this NPR Lifekit episode, Lisa Fain, CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, discusses finding the right mentor and how to ask them to be your mentor.