The pressure  is on to get results and to do it quickly. Leaders often find themselves taking the easy way out and simply “barking out” tasks to direct reports to get the job done. It is an easy trap to fall into. When leaders drill down and tell staff what to do, they unknowingly and wittingly short-circuit the energy and drive that produces the results they are seeking. 

The role of the leader is to identify goals and desired end results.  Effective leaders engage staff in meaningful conversation that helps direct reports in identifying how to deliver those results.  Although the process takes time up front, it ultimately speeds things up down the pike.  There is less sabotage, second guessing, pouting, and disengagement. 

Remember the old saying “it takes time to save time” next time you are feeling pressured to drive for results.  Take the time up front and see if you don’t fast track results and spark the fire of your team at the same time.