Take this short quiz to see if mentoring can help your organization.

Yes or No?

  • Our emerging leaders are fully engaged and committed to our organization’s success.
  • Our veteran leaders feel connected to all levels of our organization.
  • Senior leaders regularly share knowledge with others in our organization.
  • Leaders feel a sense of satisfaction from helping others grow and develop.
  • People welcome and seek feedback from each other.
  • We have a proven plan for developing and managing our talent.
  • We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by supporting developmental relationships.
  • We effectively onboard our new hires and managers.
  • We offer individualized and diverse learning opportunities for high potentials.
  • Our employees trust and respect each other.

If you answered yes to these items, congratulations! You have created a supportive and vibrant workplace culture. If you answered no, an effective mentoring program may help you close the gap. We can help.