January was National Mentoring Month. President Obama called upon public officials, business and community leaders, educators, and Americans across the country to observe the month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs. As a result, many organizations saw this proclamation as an opportunity to celebrate mentoring.

Terrance Deal and M.K Key, co-authors of Corporate Celebration Play, Purpose, and Profit at Work, remind us that “celebrations infuse life with passion and purpose. They summon the human purpose. They attach us to our human roots and help us soar toward new visions. They touch our hearts and fire our imaginations.”

How does your organization celebrate mentoring? What are you doing to infuse organizational mentoring with passion and purpose? How are you inspiring a shared vision of what is possible through mentoring. In what ways is mentoring touching the hearts and uplifting the human spirit of your employees? Is it helping to fire imaginations in your organization?

There is no better time than right now, to bring people together to talk about mentoring in your organization and discuss these important questions.

Corporate Celebration