GenYs look for mentors who can offer them hands-on experiences that will empower them to take the next step. They prefer positive, collaborative, achievement-oriented mentors who will take them seriously. They naturally seek mentoring because they see their growth and development as a priority.

  1. Tell them the truth. It sets the tone for the relationship.
  2. GenYs want to be treated as equals. This means acknowledging their truth and what they bring to the table.
  3. Ask for and listen to their thinking. They want their opinions to be heard and respected.
  4. Make the relationship special. It should be personal, fun, and engaging.
  5. Offer challenging “think outside the box” assignments and a variety of learning opportunities.
  6. Break goals into doable pieces with deadlines. Make sure they have the resources and the information that they need to achieve their goals.
  7. Use technology. If you don’t know how, ask them; they are masters.
  8. Provide regular feedback, especially praise and affirmation.

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