More and more businesses and organizations are turning to group mentoring to enhance the growth and development of their employees and accelerate organizational learning.
Why is there so much interest in group mentoring?

Group Mentoring. . . .

  • Leverages the experience and expertise in an organization
  • Provides an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships across, down and through the organization
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Offers mentors and mentees an opportunity to expand knowledge
  • Exposes participants to multiple levels of expertise and organizational knowledge
  • Creates shared understanding and alignment
  • Maximizes time availability of qualified mentors and participants
  • Creates a more efficient and scalable way to promote learning and development
  • Complements and enhances one on one mentoring

Mentoring groups are structured in multiple ways. The possibilities are unlimited, from peer-to-peer, leader-led, virtual, nested configurations, to DIY groups . . . and the list goes on. The reasons you articulate for initiating group mentoring will drive the composition and structure of your mentoring groups.

Who will fill these seats in your organization? In which seat will you be sitting?