In an article entitled “Why Mentoring Matters in a Hypercompetitive World” (Harvard Business Review),  the authors make the point that “If you want a mentor, start acting like you do and you will eventually find yourself connected with [people] who are invested in your personal development.”

 Here are ten networking tips that can help you find mentors:

  1. Use your current network to reach out. Ask the people you know who they know. Be explicit about what you are looking for in a mentor.
  2. Just because you have been introduced to someone doesn’t mean you know them. Find a way to get to know the people you meet so that you can build a trusting relationship.
  3. Follow up with people you meet at business events; they know people who know people.
  4. Get people to like you. Generally people help those they like. Be enthusiastic and interesting.
  5. Look for successful people to network with who achieved in business what you hope to achieve.
  6. Stay in touch with people even if they can’t help you immediately.
  7. Make it a point to talk to people you don’t know everywhere you go, and have a great opening one liner in your back pocket.
  8. Be sure to carry your business cards and be comfortable handing them out.
  9. Join networking clubs and associations in your field.
  10. Follow up on any lead, no matter how minor.

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