We often see our own performance differently from how others see it. In fact, a recent employee survey found that 92 percent of employees felt that their performance at work was above average. Clearly, not everyone is a stellar performer.

What is a 360 and how can it help you get a realistic assessment of your performance? 

 A 360 is a multi-rater feedback tool used to compare our perceptions with those of others at a specific point in time. Think of it as a balance sheet with multiple inputs. It gives a leader feedback in specific areas that can promote significant insights and behavioral change. 

In order to get the most out of a 360 it is important to solicit feedback from colleagues, supervisors, direct reports, and customers. It is also essential to be as honest with yourself as possible in completing your own assessment.

When looking at the full analysis with a coach, an individual can get an even more complete picture of their performance. 360 results provide a starting point for goal setting and behavior change. For best results, repeat the 360 process six months after setting your goals. You should see dramatic changes if you keep working at it. 

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