Here’s another question we often get about mentoring. Again, we hope it helps you in your own mentoring adventures.

Note: These questions are compiled from several questions we receive, and do not necessarily reflect any one person’s submission.

Q: I’ve been tasked by my HR VP to start a mentoring program to prepare our managers for new roles with greater responsibilities. Our VPs and senior leaders are the mentors and I’m supposed to put together a training session for them. I have never developed a training program before and I have never trained senior leaders. I’m shaking in my boots. Help!

A: Help is on the way! Your leadership has identified an important business imperative behind mentoring efforts, which is a great first step. Mentoring is not just a “feel-good” activity. It should address the strategic business goals of the organization. You need to ensure that your efforts and investments pay off. It can be overwhelming to create a dynamic mentor training program that is engaging, participative and informative.

An organization that identifies mentoring as a strategic tool must develop its in-house capacity for mentoring training. To be a truly effective mentor trainer, you have to develop some expertise in mentoring. We have a solution for you. Our Mentoring Facilitator Trainer Certification Program will prepare you to deliver Mentoring: Strategies for Success in your organization. The content of that program will ensure your mentor leaders:

  • Understand the purpose and key concepts of mentoring and how it differs from coaching
  • Identify their learning style and the role of learning in facilitating mentee growth and development
  • Recognize the four predictable phases in the mentoring cycle and the key components of each phase
  • Structure the initial mentoring conversation to get started on the right foot
  • Explore how to set learning goals, set priorities and identify milestones
  • Recognize and overcome common stumbling blocks in a mentoring relationship
  • Support, challenge and provide effective feedback to mentees
  • Bring the relationship to successful closure

Our training certification process will allow you to master the content and gain experience delivering the material to your audience. You will walk away after three days with all the tools, competencies and confidence you need to be successful.

And you’re in luck. Our next training event is coming up, Monday, September 29 – Wednesday, October 1. Registration is open now, but it fills up fast, so register today!

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