Leaders are indispensable to long term mentoring success. Because of their positional power they possess political muscle, organizational wherewithal, and clout to make things happen. What they say and what they do greatly influences the success or failure of organizational mentoring.


What They Say
1. Mentoring matters
2. This is my mentoring story
3. I know mentoring works because
4. Here are the data
5. I’d be happy to mentor you
6. I appreciate your effort
7. Congratulations
8. Let me know how we can improve our efforts

What They Do
1. Commit adequate time and resources to support mentoring
2. Go out of their way to demonstrate their personal commitment to mentoring
3. Inspire a shared vision of what is possible though mentoring
4. Think strategic about mentoring
5. Align mentoring effort with the organization’s vision and business goals
6. Build the right infrastructure to support mentoring
7. Hold people accountable for mentoring results
8. Proactively address mentoring leadership succession

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