Have you ever negotiated with someone who always said no, no, no? These folks don’t seem to be open to any position but their own.  They demand, but they don’t give. They insist, interrupt and interject.
As a result, you end up being frustrated and either walk away when you shouldn’t or give more than you actually want to.  How should you handle these difficult people? 

1.     Recognize who you are dealing with as quickly as possible.  It isn’t personal – they aren’t doing it to you, they are just doing it.  Don’t take it personally.  That only makes it worse.

2.     Find some things you both can agree on.  Statements like, “We both want….”  Or “I know I want this to work out and I think you do too” are helpful starters to find areas of agreements.

3.     Call attention to behaviors that get in the way.  If the other person is constantly interrupting, identify it as a behavior that is keeping you from an agreement.  If they are stalling – tell them it feels like they are.  If you have made a concession and they haven’t, let them know you need something from them.

4.     Don’t be afraid to take a break.  Rather than giving in or walking – take five!

Difficult people bring out the worst in us, especially when we are in negotiations.  Try some of these strategies and see if you can lessen their impact.