When meeting leaders take time to thoughtfully prepare before meetings it increases the likelihood that meeting objectives will be achieved and participants will be engaged. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Identify topics, goals and desired outcomes
  2. Plan for one good strategic discussion during the meeting
  3. Assign time lines to agenda items
  4. Limit the number of items to what is doable
  5. Place key issues first and routine items last
  6. Assign participant(s) advanced work
  7. Send the agenda out at least 3 days in advance
  8. Use a consent agenda to expedite routine matters

Our Leading Effective Meetings workshop identifies major obstacles and issues that upend meetings and provides concrete strategies to engage and motivate attendees. Leaders learn how to plan and prepare for strategic discussions, increase the level of participation, hold to the agenda, improve creative thinking, manage dissent, and handle difficult participants. Attendees also practice their new skills and receive immediate feedback.