A plant manager got up at his monthly operations meeting to address his 245 employees.  “I am very proud to announce,” he said stone-faced, with his eyes glued to his notes, “we have been named ‘most productive operation’ in the company.   It’s a great day for all of us.”   No one clapped, no one cheered, and no one believed him.

Presence counts. But, what exactly is it? Is it charisma? Is it being fully there and attentive? Or is it an ability to influence what is going on? Presence shows up in many different ways. It creates a first and lasting impression and it must present when it comes to leading effectively. 

When leaders need a vision to help move their organization forward, presence sells the vision.  Presence lends credibility to a leader’s words.  Presence inspires others to take risks, to reach, and to stretch.

How would you rate your presence?  How effective are you at communicating and energizing a group? How effective are your public speaking skills? When was the last time you saw yourself on video-tape making a presentation? 

Take time to evaluate yourself and make your presence known!

Vision Gets Employees on Board