Consider the ten questions below before you ask someone to be your mentoring partner:

  1. Will this person challenge me to raise the bar for myself?
  2. Does this person have the ability to listen and a sincere desire and willingness to mentor? 
  3. Will this person encourage me as well as provide honest feedback? 
  4. Does this person have the knowledge and expertise I need? 
  5. Is this person a positive role-model? 
  6. Is there a good learning fit between what I need and what this person has to share? 
  7. Will this person have sufficient time to mentor me? 
  8. Is this person accessible enough (geographically or physically) for my needs? 
  9. Are we compatible in temperament and personality?
  10. Will I feel comfortable learning and interacting with this person?

 You  should be able to answer positively to each of them!