Once you have overcome “Delegation Excusititis” you then must answer the question, “When should I delegate?”


You should delegate when the task:

·       Provides an opportunity for someone to learn

·       Helps someone grow and develop

·       Tests someone’s capability or capacity for more work

·       Demonstrates confidence in someone’s capability

·       Makes poor use of your own time

·       Is better suited to someone else’s skill set


You should not delegate when:

·       You don’t have time to share expectations, resources and boundaries

·       You don’t have time to support the person along the way

·       Your intent is merely to give others the work you just do not want to do

·       It isn’t something they are suited or skilled for

·       The work is not aligned with their job description


To Delegate or Not?


Think about your current workload.  Which tasks might be suitable for delegation?  Here are a few examples:

·       Collecting and or presenting data from a project

·       Analyzing trends, financials, etc

·       Running a team meeting

·       Leading a process improvement project

·       Creating or implementing an employee or customer satisfaction survey

·       Leading a remodeling effort

·       Researching a new device or purchase of equipment

·       Developing and/or implementing office productivity and efficiency recommendations


Who might you delegate to?  Match the task with the talent!