Feedback matters.


It fosters ownership, nurtures commitment, and creates ongoing value for individuals, teams, and the organization. The information, insights, and learning all parties gain through the feedback process can have tangible and immediate impact.


Feedback is often misconstrued solely as criticism. However, when leaders balance “negative” or constructive feedback with positive comments, they report accelerated performance, diffused tensions and minimized problems.


Feedback should not be limited to annual performance reviews. In its most effective form, it is proactive and occurs regularly. It promotes real time accountability and enables low performers to honestly reflect on their contribution and commit to a personal action plan. 


We offer 10 proven tips to improve your ability to deliver feedback:


1. Speak as a peer; keep your authority at bay.

2. Use “I” statements except when establishing common ground. Then, use “we.”

3. Make eye contact at key times.

4. Stick to the topic.

5. Continually check for understanding.

6. Agree on the problem first. Then, explore solutions.

7. Balance talking and listening; don’t interrupt.

8. Ask for reactions.

9. Focus on alternative views instead of disagreements.

10. Move forward more than focusing on the past.




You Can Make Their Day: Feedback Tips