Successful leaders recognize that they need the confidence, support and commitment of those with whom they work.

Strong bonds impact productivity and results.  Leaders create relationships with their people by listening, by showing them they care, by recognizing individual assets and finding ways to tap into their strengths.

Leaders build relationships with colleagues.  They see their peers as a source of support, wisdom and camaraderie.  They look for ways to get to know colleagues and share themselves. They create comfortable relationships that they can rely on, especially in stressful times.

Leaders look for opportunities to build relationships with upper management.  They aren’t intimidated by job titles and make sure that those who can influence their careers know their strengths. Having advocates in higher places can boost a leader’s confidence.

What is your level of relationship with those up, down and around you?

Start building or strengthening relationships by initiating conversation with someone you don’t know or don’t know well.  Here are 10 quick ways to make a connection with someone at work:

  1. Ask a business questions
  2. Ask about their job history
  3. Compare notes (“I see it this way, what’s your point of view?”)
  4. Share a humorous story
  5. Pass on a compliment (don’t make it up)
  6. Give a compliment (be sincere)
  7. Recommend a book or movie
  8. Talk about sports or hobbies
  9. Discuss something you heard on the news
  10. Ask about their family

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