If you can confidently answer yes to the questions below, it will enhance your mentee’s learning experience immensely.

Are You Up to The Task?

Do you . . .

1. Involve your mentee and tap into their unique experiences?

2. Encourage your mentee to reflect on past experiences and use them as a learning opportunity?

3. Help inspire and build mentee confidence and competence?

4. Create a positive, safe learning environment?

5. Make learning relevant by relating to their real issues and concerns?

6. Allow time to integrate and reflect on learning?

7. Use a variety of approaches that draw on different learning styles?

8. Show flexibility and openness to new ideas?

9. Show respect for your mentee’s individual, unique learning needs and cultural differences?

10. Clarify about the purpose, direction and boundaries of the learning experience?

11. Appear confident and competent without being arrogant?

12. Ask for and accept feedback on your facilitation technique.

International Association of Facilitators