The Center for Mentoring Excellence has conducted more than 200 interviews with mentors and mentees in formal mentoring programs around the globe using a process we created called Touch Base Interview (TBI) Coaching Sessions™. These coaching sessions offer mentors and mentees confidential, just-in-time coaching and support at critical milestones in the mentoring cycle. This works to ensure mentoring success by helping mentoring partners stay on track, grow and develop.

In the past our TBI Coaching Sessions™ have only been available as part of a broader training. We have received such positive feedback about the value of these sessions that we’re now introducing them as a stand-alone offering.

The TBI Coaching Sessions™ are for you if:

  • You’re wondering how to gauge the effectiveness of your mentoring initiatives.
  • You’re  wondering if you’re adequately preparing your mentors to provide value to their mentees.
  • You don’t know whether you’re offering the right kind of support for your mentoring pairs.
  • You want to understand the return on your investment in mentoring.
  • You’re wondering whether your mentees are “getting it.”
  • You’d like to know how mentees are applying what they’re learning.
  • You’d like to understand if your mentors are getting the support and tools they need to challenge and develop their mentees.

If these or similar concerns are on your mind, you might be interested in learning more about TBI Coaching Sessions™ for your organization’s mentoring program.

On a programmatic level, with the recommended two to three TBI Coaching Sessions™ per year, you will be able to:

  • Track participant progress — program managers receive a report of findings and actionable recommendations after each interview phase.
  • Guide the further development, enhancement and improvement of mentoring programs.
  • Gather and disseminate best practices.
  • Provide the just-in-time support needed to ensure continued mentoring success.

So what’s next? Call Dr. Lois Zachary at 602-954-9934 or email at We’ll discuss your program’s specific strategic objectives — what are you trying to achieve and what do you hope to learn? What are your strengths? Pain points? What are your concerns?

What participants and organizational leaders are saying about TBI Coaching Sessions™:

  • “We had a neutral, safe voice and mentoring experts to give us confirmation that we are doing mentoring the right way and getting strategies for success.” (Mentee)
  • “TBIs keep us on track.” (Mentee)
  • “TBI coaching sessions helped us find a language and a process to assist our mentees.”  (Mentor)
  • “TBIs provide helpful reminders and accountability. It is like mentoring the mentor.” (Mentor)
  • “TBI reports pinpointed specific areas to target for improvement and clarified our mentoring priorities for the year.” (Program Manager)