Your Mentoring Year Tip #2: Building a Relationship

Your Mentoring Year Tip #2: Building a Relationship

Taking the time to work on a mentoring relationship is not always easy. But these relationships are truly the heart of any successful mentoring endeavor. In fact, it’s often a prerequisite for success. Mentors and mentees who discuss their relationship expectations end up experiencing exponentially more success than those who don’t.

One mentee, an associate at a large law firm, lamented that the relationship wasn’t working because her mentor focused only on the path to partnership. The mentee told us, “That’s not appealing to me. It’s like preparing for a pie-eating contest where the prize is more pie.” That mentoring pair was ultimately unsuccessful because they didn’t take the time to learn how each other tick.

Here are some questions to ask your mentoring partner that will set a strong foundation for the relationship:

  1. What motivates you in your career?
  2. How do you learn best? Do you need time to process alone, or do you process best by “thinking aloud”?
  3. What are your pet peeves?
  4. Do you like to read? Are you open to article and/or book suggestions? Would that be welcome or feel burdensome?
  5. Have you had a mentor/mentee in the past? What worked in that relationship? What did not work?

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